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12 Oct 2017 21:16:34
im embarrassed to say PC is Rangers Manager.
The Board of directors must be wondering how they can get him out. This guy is a joke now with his recent comments.

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12 Oct 2017 22:26:28
He’s embarrassing himself with the nonsense he is coming out with i can’t listen to his interviews now I think tommy wright was correct he is paranoid! only last season he acted the smart arse and told Kilmarnock his team the day before and also had a go at naming the Aberdeen team

12 Oct 2017 22:32:12
Why is he a joke?

12 Oct 2017 22:41:30
How is he a joke he compared Morton to st Johnstone on how they set up and play he never ment in terms of the levels so that again was blown out of context and when told about there players reactions to the statement he said he don't care and why should he.

13 Oct 2017 07:12:04
Let’s get behind PC, I can see what he’s trying to do, the way he wants us to play and let’s be honest people bang on about the money he spent. what would 8mil buy you in the English championship? Not even 1 half decent player. It’s a work in progress on a budget that is literally scraping the barrel in this day and age and people are wanting instant success? How many managers could we have got that could have landed us a European champion? I think he’s doing ok under the circumstances it’s a challenge for him and he will give it his all that I am certain of

13 Oct 2017 07:59:00
Just out of curiosity Matt RFC what tactics is it that PC is using and what way do you think he is getting us to play?

13 Oct 2017 08:49:56

How many managers could have lost to a team who finished 4th in Luxembourg?

13 Oct 2017 09:05:49
How many managers lost to a team from Gibraltar mmmmmmm not many me thinks!

13 Oct 2017 09:35:45
Good deflection tactics calamero! Never mind your own team got humped by Luxembourgs 4th best team, let's bring up a game where our team actually qualified for the next round and went on to the CL group stages! But whatever let's u sleep better at nite I guess! 🙈🙈😂😂😂

13 Oct 2017 10:07:17
We are not in the english champ! We are in the spl and struggling!

13 Oct 2017 10:42:15

please hand back your season tickets there millions of rangers fans who support the managers the club the players waiting for seats to support them not slag or slate them every minute or every day

Give it a rest either get behind pedro and the team or get tae ^^^^ everyones a critic everyones an expert if you think you can do better and are better qualified send your cv to rangers fc edminston drve ibrox stadium glasgow

13 Oct 2017 10:50:32
Well said Kaymer at last a true ger 🤝

13 Oct 2017 14:41:24
Give Pedro time. His English is better than Jock Wallace’s. Compare how they got on. Instant success would be great, but you need hard work to get to the top over a long period. We are in transition. We still have a lot of players to get rid off and new ones to come in. Such as: Wallace, Wilson, Holt, Krancjar, Halliday, Windass, Miller, Rossiter ) (too injury prone) Hodson, from the first team squad. There 9 players that just aren’t good enough for the future. Pedro’s new players - 50% doing well, the other 50% will come good. Remember Hatley etc took a long time before they came good. There is no point investing in a new manager and not giving him time. If by March we are not second and out of cups then fine, up to then, give him 100%, nothing less.

13 Oct 2017 15:49:53
You forgot to mention pena herrera cardoso.

13 Oct 2017 17:03:31

Can you remind me if the manager who lost to the team from Gibraltar won the tie overall? Or did his team go out of the tournament?

13 Oct 2017 17:04:17

The great Jock Wallace won a few trebles though

14 Oct 2017 00:31:47
How can you be worried about the Board and the manager when the chairman gets his lawyer to tell the court he has no money? So from now on in the funds need to come from 3 bears. So when the soft loans need paying back in november who pays for it? Not king. Admin 2 is closer than Rangers supporters think. Believe me, not pleasent but true

14 Oct 2017 00:39:00
I do agree some of the gaffers comments at interviews are embarrassing to the club and sometimes his 4 minute answers to a simple question can be extremely boring to listen to? He has to learn he can't keep this up at interviews and I am genuinely behind him and hope it works our for him! Although I have my doubts 🇬🇧

14 Oct 2017 00:48:42
well said kaymer i honestly thought most rangers fans where smarter than this .

all they are doing is buying into propaganda of the newspapers.

all the papers do is slate the man when in fact he has made us stronger better defensively better in attack and we have been very unlucky in a couple of games.

hibs we where cheated

thistle game should have went our way but we just couldn't put it in the net (happens to the very best of teams)
hearts we where lackluster but still deserved three points from that game.

then the old firm i though first half was the best I've seen us play in one since 2012.

we are gettintg better the manager has made an impact and i wish we could get this he isn't scottish so what does he know atitude to feck.

stop listening to the phone in and stop listening to the crap that comes out of the daily record and such as it is pure and utter p*sh



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