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12 Oct 2017 19:18:42
I agree I would put the Celtic fans in corner in hereby reducing the amount of them at Ibrox but cannot see it happening but more importantly why are they being allowed to bring a drum in?

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12 Oct 2017 20:43:24
Your dead right GET THEM IN THE CORNER, I've been saying this for a long time cut there tickets down to the bear minimum, look after our own supporters never mind them. In fact if it was up to me I wouldn't let any of them in.

13 Oct 2017 00:30:36
Not this nonsense again.

13 Oct 2017 01:16:23
Nonsense?! Coldo I don’t usually bite but every time I read your comments I think “this guys a nugget”

why are u happy to let allow Celtic fans to fill out entire Broomloan stand and bring in Drums etc? As a Rangers fan doesn’t it bother you our biggest rivals come to our home and swan about?

Get them I’m the corner with minimum ticket allocation, out of view of TV cameras and ell the Broomie to season ticket holders.

13 Oct 2017 06:21:11
I agree. Why should we allow our keeper to be put under pressure at Ibrox after their antics of throwing ball on to pitch as he taking goal kicks? Get them in corner.
I would like to know mind how much it would cost to put seats in govan/ Broomloan corner to increase capacity. Maybe club1872 could open donations to see if fans wished to help to make this happen?

13 Oct 2017 06:34:01
Stick them in the corner, there hideous faces should be hidden from view. There flags should be confiscated and they should be tarred and feathered when leaving the stadium so people can see how awful they are.

13 Oct 2017 06:40:11
Explain why this is nonsense coldo! Its a valid point, if we get, say,48,000 for the hamilton game that's about 47,500 Rangers fans, for the old firm we will get 50,000 that's only 42,500 Rangers fans so 5,000 of our own miss out on a ticket so that they can sit on our seats. GET THEM IN THE CORNER!

13 Oct 2017 08:19:51
Just out of curiosity. Would you all be happy to see our own ticket allocation be reduced by the same amount at their place?

13 Oct 2017 08:52:30

Aren’t you more concerned with how easily they beat us rather than how many fans they might have? If you reduce their allocation all they will do is reduce ours too. I take it that prospect doesn’t bother you?

13 Oct 2017 09:32:08
I don't like where they sit not the size of allocation that's why I would like seats in corner instead of the screen. They could then have their allocation, Broomloan season ticket holders wouldn't have to move and our keeper wouldn't have dogs abuse.

It may not seem important but living down south work colleagues mentioned how impressive their support is at Ibrox but at pothead it is said they hardly saw us.

13 Oct 2017 09:40:20
Celtic do the right thing. They stick us in a corner out the road where our impact as supporters is minimal.

When they come to ibrox, celtic now have the green brigade right behind our goal banging a drum, throwing flares at our keeper, refusing to return the ball, distrusting play by throwing it back at the keeper when he is about to kick it. The list goes on and on.

We need every advantage we can get right now. Let's take the Broomloan Road stand back.

13 Oct 2017 09:41:08
Spark of course it concerns me! But this post is about their fans. Not about how easy they beat us!

13 Oct 2017 09:43:01
Do u know something, I actually thought you lot were kidding when u said cut the champs ticket allocation! Now i see your deadly serious! Lol! It's funny how we never heard a single word about this when the oldco were spending money they didn't have to gain success! Not a word did u hear about this! Now we're coming over and swaning about 🙈🙈😂😂😂😂 I actually think you lot feel like if we've less fans it might somehow change the result of the game! IT WONT! you'll be wanting us to start with 9 men next! Even that wouldn't change the result 😂😂😂 please please please see what's in front of your eyes eh! U have an absolute imposter of a manager and your team is woeful! Sticking us in the corner ain't going to change that! And even if u did cut our allocation, it would only mean more sevco fans getting upset after the games done 😱😱😱😜😜

13 Oct 2017 10:12:14
87 hend, believe me the only nugget on here is you, as sparky said we should be more worried by how easily they beat us not where they sit. They have been in the broomloan for decades and only now its an issue. Dry your eyes 87hend, fool.

13 Oct 2017 10:15:46

Moving you lot to the corner would not change the result as the draw when you were banned proved.

However I bet you would rather have the whole stand behind the goal as opposed to the corner.
So taking that influence away from you would definitely please please me!

13 Oct 2017 10:17:32
I think you will find David Murray banned the chumps for their behaviour!

13 Oct 2017 10:48:33
Beardy blue whole stand no stand, it doesn't bother me in the slightest where u put our fans! It really speaks volumes for where your club is right now when instead of looking at your pea brain managers record against us,3 games no wins 9 goals against and 1 measly goal scored! Yous want to move us In the corner of the stadium to make urself feel better! It's quite pathetic actually! Like I said nobody heard a word about this when the oldco where about! Wonder why that was eh! Lol

13 Oct 2017 12:03:50

The difference now is you lot go overboard. I'm all for applauding the fans and s bit of fist pumping st the end of a game but you lot take the piss.

The only time we went a bit far was when we done the huddle but difference is we actually WON the league that day. Still compared to your mob that day it was pretty tame.

Also the reason it hasn't came up before was that before Scottish football and host of others raped and pillaged our club, you lot couldn't celebrate because you were in shock at beating Rangers. Don't worry we'll be back some time. So enjoy while it lasts.

13 Oct 2017 14:01:07
Hahaha well baz on an absolutely horrible crappy day uve managed to give me a laugh! Coming from the fans who celebrated with there players after scraping a win against Partick thistle last season like they'd just won the champions league! And the players who celebrated scraping a draw in paradise like they'd just won the league! And I keep hearing this we'll be back so enjoy it while it lasts! When exactly is this going to happen? I really want to know 😂😂😂😂 and Scottish football raped and pillaged u! This from fans who's old club still owe numerous small business owners money and who's club spent money they didn't have! Still blaming others as usual I see! Nothing at all to do with David Murray Craig white chick green or the latest charlatan u lot follow follow dodgey Dave! It's everyone else fault isn't it! 🙈🙈🙈😜😝

13 Oct 2017 17:01:16
Lh we just do not want your lot on our SEASON TICKET HOLDERS SEATS

13 Oct 2017 20:05:42
TOUGH LUCK BECAUSE that's what's HAPPENING! 😝😝😝😜😜😂😂😂

14 Oct 2017 00:34:05
FFS. After all these years, Why are people only complaining about this now?

Nobody bothered until this season and last, was it because we were used to winning against them at Ibrox for a number of years that nobody really bothered, but now they are on top and celebrating at ibrox that it bothers some fans? Come on.

I would love it if they only had the corner but it's never happened before and it hasn't bothered anyone before . we get the same allocation for the piggery

What difference will this make?

14 Oct 2017 00:38:24
Not so sure about this one. I suspect that there's more of a call for a reduction in Celtic's ticket allocation because we can't beat them currently and don't like 7,500 having a party at Ibrox.

Personally I'd rather let 7,500 in, beat them convincingly and watch the Broomloan slowly empty from the 20th minute, again. They key is to win, not reduce their allocation, which for me is scraping the barrel a bit.

14 Oct 2017 00:49:26
are you guys serious they would do the same to us and cut our tickets down for the games at parkhead.
i don't know about u but the amount that's at parkhead and ibrox makes the atmosphere better a little hostile but better .

to say u want to reduce this is madness



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