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11 Oct 2017 07:49:28
Don't you just get totally annoyed with the constant let's have a dig at Rangers stories the Daily Record prints, especially during international breaks it's pathetic poor very poor journalism in what used to be a really good news paper. Now it's only fit for wiping your a__e with. I urge all Rangers minded people not to buy this rag ever again, we've all had enough of being mocked and ridiculed time to stand up and fight back. we are Rangers. c'mon us.

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11 Oct 2017 08:09:49
Now Robbie that's a wee bit nasty. It doesn't matter how much crap pours out it, there is no need to be so cruel to it.
I am of course talking about my ar*e. Wouldn't let that rag infect it in any way!

11 Oct 2017 08:37:01
Haha yes your right but to anyone who has an ar-e itch after wiping with the DR, put on some sudocrem the miracle cream that cures anything.

11 Oct 2017 10:35:05
The latest is that Pedro is playing mind games with st Johnstone and should keep his mind on who the leak is? Pure and utter single fish! Absolutely sick to the back teeth of this garbage!

11 Oct 2017 10:37:15
If anyone asks who disagreed, it was me because of this statement; "used to be a really good news paper".

11 Oct 2017 10:39:29
I live down south and i rely on the internet for all my news about my beloved team.
I have to agree though that this poor excuse for a newspaper have really let themselves down in recent years. Every story is a negative jibe at Rangers.
My theory is that they have distanced themselves so far away from Rangers by printing blatant dung that they can no longer get anyone from Rangers to open up and give them a good story therefore they make up whatever rubbish they can get a wiff of.

11 Oct 2017 11:06:33
I get where your coming from with the disagree as for years now it is nothing but toilet paper, and there sports reporters are really the worst ever. The really good content came from around the seventies long time ago I know sorry bout that, it's when they talked about Rangers with respect . That's when my 3 all time favourite players played. Henderson, Conn, and Stein. They were brilliant.

11 Oct 2017 17:19:01
Probably mostly due to James Traynor burning his bridges with his fellow journalists when he left, dedicating his final article to slagging them off.

11 Oct 2017 22:48:33
i don't know aboout that as there is a leak and we would all like to know who it is and get him to go.

11 Oct 2017 22:51:16
Not one mention of Brendan Rodgers brother dressed in paramilitary attire while carrying the coffin of dead dissident Dominic Mcglinchey jnr, If it had of been one our staff it would have been front page

11 Oct 2017 22:55:38
Just been speaking to Alfie thirty minutes ago

11 Oct 2017 22:59:02
Wee Henderson was immense. Never forgave Conn for coming back to them. Colin Stein is my all time favourite - brilliant centre forward and brave as a lion. (Or maybe that should be a bear! Lol)

11 Oct 2017 23:00:13
Correct, Naz, while many on that paper are anti-Rangers, Traynor is totally despised in that office and that is also an excuse for them to try to hurt Rangers, his employers. How this man has a position at Ibrox I will never know. He was virulently anti-Rangers himself.

I remember him writing about a match between Linfield and Rangers and describing Windsor Park on that day as a 'cesspit of bigotry'. This man also backed Green and Co and should be shown the door, preferably head first. He is a total creep and no friend of Rangers. In fact our whole media department needs a good clean out as is is riddled with incompetents.

11 Oct 2017 23:01:16
The media have nothing positive to print about Rangers because there has been nothing positive about Rangers worth reporting. Its one drama after another with your club so the media are all over it.

Celtic suffered the same back in the day when rangers were signing £5 million pound players left right and centre. All the reports in the paper were glory this glory that at rangers. Celtic were persecuted everyday in the papers digging up any bad press they could.

11 Oct 2017 23:02:24
Robbie. All papers are great when we're winning. The Record was great during 9IAR. It's less so now because, relatively speaking, we are pants. We don't help ourselves by banning journalists or broadcasters because we don't like what they say. We've got to roll with it and take some punches until things come good again.

Regardless of what they are saying about Rangers, I wouldn't buy it because it's appalling, however.

12 Oct 2017 15:31:49
I don't buy any paper for the simple fact its a waste of money when i can read all the news on my phone but i have to agree with daviebhoy and bruisedbear, it was an exact role reversal in the 90s when the media thot Walter walked on water and invented football the way they do with Rodgers just now. its just the way the goldfish bowl wrks and if it really bothers people then you're the 1s with bigger problems. the media don't make u win or lose football matches.

12 Oct 2017 15:44:40
bruisedbear, I worked at the Record during 9IAR and I can assure you that the sports desk was just as anti-Rangers then as it is now. The changes in management ove the past few years have just meant that mentality is now spread throughout the paper as it is now totally in the hands of the republicans.

12 Oct 2017 21:02:49
Sam, Regardless of their political persuasion, it's not The Record's fault we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. If we had gone 60 odd games undefeated, they'd find it much more difficult to find flaws or justify crass but negative stories. And if it was anti Rangers back in the day - they hid it well in their coverage because the paper loved Rangers then as far as I recall - at least outwardly.

You'll appreciate that I don't have your insight - so that's an external opinion.

12 Oct 2017 21:04:33
My god 🤔.



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