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04 Oct 2017 12:23:48
I am no fan of pedro though i would love to be proved wrong. HOWEVER for years to come we are playing for second. Why? because generally money talks ( leicester exception noted)
Celtics bigger capacity in the league probably gives them 2 to 3 million more in gate money. There likelihood of winning the league, more of the cups and the tv money that goes with it. Then the champions league money plus the prospect of getting bigger transfers fees ( van dyke) . All of this means we just cannot compete financially.
So we have to consider the prospect of not winning the league for years to come. Or look at all options to close that gap. The stadium has to be an option . if celtic get 60,000 v hibs and west ham get 55,000 ( v swansea i think) then we can do better.
Thoughts chaps.

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04 Oct 2017 13:52:44
Capacity of Ibrox has nothing to do with the success or non-success of the team.

The reason, if any, for us playing second fiddle for 'years to come', is due to our own financial mismanagement.

I would like Ibrox to be increased in capacity, however, it's got hee haw to do with success of the football club. We humped celtic for years with a stadium 10k less in capacity. Nonsense.

04 Oct 2017 13:54:08
If we don't have the said moneys coming in at present how do we fund stadium expansion!? We need to do it on the field celtic are ahead but they haven't spent tens of millions doing it most players have been brought in relatively cheaply or homegrown! We must build a team in the same fashion and wrestle the title back that way, it won't be this season might not be next but we will get there if WE stick together and back the guys who are working hard to deliver. Changing managers every season will only lengthen this process and diminish any funds we have

04 Oct 2017 14:09:53
Hunty - Whilst I think most would agree that their financial muscle is far beyond our reach, we shouldn't be playing for 2nd - we should have it in the bag, if we go by your logic.

There is few avenues available for us to try and make up the gap in CL money that they receive. One would be to sort this kit debacle and allow us to buy that lovely goalkeeper jersey. Secondly we could sell the naming rights to the stadium, thirdly, what money we do have available, we could invest more wisely.

Morelos is a prime example of good business, if he keeps his current form trend - we could fetch (realistically) £5-8m for him. Can the same be said of Pena, Windass, Rossiter or Herrera - not likely.

Unfortunately the most likely avenue for us to catch up is investment from shareholders, back to the days of Murray's millions (shakes head solemnly)

One this is for sure, we MUST stop 9 in a row - and if that means King whipping out a £10m loan to allow us to invest in the squad, so be it in my thinking.

The bigger question is. would the board trust the manager with that kind of budget again?

04 Oct 2017 14:41:32
Bearmode, i am not suggesting that capacity alone is the answer. But when we were humping celtic the champions league money was a lot less than it is now. I raised a pointfor discussion amongst fans. Its disappointing that you select on part of my post and suggest i am taking nonsense, if capacity has nothing to with success why g
have liverpool increasec d by 11,000,
west ham over 2o, ooo, mancity over 7000, tottenhamwill be 20,000, chelsea plans to do the same and i belive everton going to do similar. So if capacity nowt to with success why on earth are they doing it

04 Oct 2017 14:55:12
Finance is hugely important in football, no argument there but the gap between us and Celtic I would imagine is about the same as the gap between us and Aberdeen. And we seemed to have spent more in the summer transfer window than Celtic.

Too many making lack of money an excuse. Anybody else remember Aberdeen being the most consistent club in Scotland during the first half of the 80s? They won leagues and cups with far less money than either of the Old Firm. And Dundee United won a league with even less money than Aberdeen.

So how did they manage that?

They both had outstanding managers who both knew the Scottish game inside out. Both were great tactically and had a great eye for a player. And they both instilled a remarkable fighting spirit in their teams.

Can anybody say the same about Pedro?

04 Oct 2017 14:58:38
Jzer, i think mate they haven't spent big because they haven't needed to. The problem is that they will havre the financial muscle to do it if they need to.
but the fact is that they have spent 4 million or more on 4 players.
Not saying i have answers because i don't but i am pretty sure that stadium improvements have to be paid upfront. Mortgage? Anybody in the know about that .?

04 Oct 2017 15:00:14
Icrease capacity - increase revenue - increased chances of success. Good point huntywallsend.

04 Oct 2017 15:19:49
If we never spent that 5mil on pena and herrera, instead choosing to spend it on said options mentioned before then we would be up there, but hey let's get behind pedro and the banditos, with our support they might come good.

04 Oct 2017 16:27:52
Hunty, then by your logic of success and stadium capacity being interlinked, by listing me some clubs that have increased their capacity in England.

What's your opinion on Juventus decreasing their capacity to 40,000 (from 70,000). Since coming back from relegation they have more or less dominated Italian football.

Plus, half of those clubs you listed have not seen much success in recent years, so i'm not sure where you are going with that one.

I get your point about about increasing capacity to get more punters through the gate mate, I agree it will bring in some extra funds. But there is more important things the club can sort to bring in more money. And the board are doing that by sorting the clubs merchandising.

04 Oct 2017 17:36:29
Morelos £5-£8m? Who is currently going to pay that for him? You honestly think that teams in England will be willing to pay that? He has started well but scoring goals in the SPFL won't get you those kind of sums of money. Louis Moult has scored consistently in the SPFL but do you think anyone would pay £5m for him

04 Oct 2017 18:16:56
man city, Chelsea, spurs and West ham have all increased there capacity because of demand for tickets. do you think West ham are going to win anything because they have a bigger stadium? doubt they will. they have increased there capacity because the can charge crazy amounts for tickets and have the demand because every couple of weeks they play a big team. like previously mentioned, we pumped them for years with 10000 less seats. I'd love ibrox to be bigger but to day increasing capacity would enhance or chances of success is mental. the problems lie deeper than that

04 Oct 2017 19:05:19
Here in lies the problem, when we even remotely look close to taking the title frim them, they are so obsessed with 10 in a row I could see them spending big to get it. We were the same trying to get it. let's hope it does go full circle and they waste it on diddys.

04 Oct 2017 19:48:21
They've got a better manager plain and simple. moneys not the be all and end all. look at ther squad there's not bn a lot spent on it. actually apart from sinclair and dembele, Rodgers' signings haven't bn great its guys that wer already ther that are making the difference like thunb nut, roberts, mcgregor, brown, armstrong, tierny, rogic. he bought that African boy for abt 3m and he's hardly kicked a ball

04 Oct 2017 19:58:12
what a load of nonsense mate they had more seats than us throughout 9 in a row didn't they.

its all down to the fact wqe have just came back from financial ruin.

a lot of again but i just have to point out juve and fiorentina they have both managed to get back to full strength after ruin and so will we

we don't even need to be richer than celtic to win this league just need to build a team with some consistency.

chopping and changing managers because of a poor start or because u don't like the way he speaks is not gonny cut it

we need stability and good structure

04 Oct 2017 19:58:50
Most of the big English teams have increased capacity due to demand. I’m sure Spurs have a waiting list of 20000. Liverpool also easily sold there increase.

04 Oct 2017 21:17:13
Huntywallsend great post mate. Increasing the capacity if the stadium will not guarantee success however it makes a statement of intent from Rangers football club . We are back we are going to be better and bigger than ever. All of this creates a mental image of the club to the opposition. We should never have allowed our main rivals to have a 10000 capacity more than us for so long . We used to have the biggest stadium and fergus McCann comes along at a time when Celtic were getting 25000 at games and builds a 60000 seater. Not just a couple of 1000 more than ibrox 10000. And Guess what, all the fans bought into as he knew they would because it made them bigger than there rivals. On top of that the extra season ticket money is a huge bonus. So I believe the same as Hunty that stadium expansion has a massive part to play. I have previously posted if you take the giant screens out the corners and fill them the stadium is 59000 . its a good start but we need a couple 1000 more for obvious reasons . Thanks



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