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03 Oct 2017 13:53:31
Rangers got to Uefa cup final with prob one of the worst rangers teams in history. Yet we turned up in massive numbers to support. So why can't we support this team and manager? If this team actually felt our support maybe they would be joined top of the league. It's hard enough fir players to settle but in this part of the workd it's so much harder to get to grips with having to win every game.
That why waghorn is scoring for fun now. He no longer has the pressure of HAVING to score every game and win so he can play better. But could handle it for rangers.
Get behind this team and things will change.

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03 Oct 2017 15:02:17
I don't get your point trueger.

I liked waghorn and would have kept him in the squad. He was versatile and could play anywhere in attack. I'm not saying he was the very best but would have been useful coming off the bench and would add more than kenny and windass.

However to suggest that he didn't score goals was due to rangers fans wanting him to score goals is a bit odd.

Maybe he has stopped going to the chippy at lunch, has a manager who plays him in his proper position and has applied himself like a proper professional instead of fighting with wee boys at lunchtime.

03 Oct 2017 15:14:59
If we sing songs about our players rather (sp) it might help.

03 Oct 2017 15:57:24
My point is if he don't score for Ipswich nobody is going to go off there head about it but if he don't score fir rangers it's the end if the world. He has guys shouting abuse outside his house or when he eats out with his family. At Ipswich he doesn't get any of this so he can just play football. He couldn't handle playing for rangers.

03 Oct 2017 16:22:54
Hold your horses there.

Lets look at your first point about a squad FULL of internationals and winning trophies being "prob one of the worst rangers teams in history"


Hutton/ Whittaker

Thomson/ Hemdani


On paper, that team reads like a wet dream compared to our current crop. And by in large, compared with Celtic current team, I know who I would bet on winning.

03 Oct 2017 16:43:46
Internationals. The only internationals there are the Scottish guys and need I say more.
Novo? Really I love te guy but could finish his dinner. Most more sitters than waghorn.
Davies is the only player in that list worth mentioning.
Cousin only played good against Lyon. And the goal was keepers fault for being a mile of his line and even then he was lucky or went in with his massive miss hit.
Just because some were playing for international don't mean nothing.
Pena is prime example.

That team that got to Uefa final was one of the worst rangers teams Iv ever seen. Loves the fact we did it but trust me when we had players like gaza albertz ammato that was a team. Or are most of te fans on here to young to know what a good football player is.

03 Oct 2017 16:45:56
Because Pedro isn't good enough! Saying Carlos Pena is the fittest player is squad then says he is only 60% fit?!

03 Oct 2017 16:52:12
He didn't say he was only 60% fit?
This is the pedro haters with selective hearing.
He did say Pena is top 3 in fitness.
But he ment we have only seen 60% of his playing ability.

Nothing to do with fitness.

03 Oct 2017 16:52:25
Fair enough trueger.

Some people struggle at big clubs. However I saw a clip of waghorn the other day and he looks fitter and sharper than he did at rangers. Also maybe Ipswich style suits him more and he was in and out the team last year which doesn't help.

03 Oct 2017 16:57:58
ok let's look again "trueger"

Davis - International
Papac - International
Hemdani - International
Beasley - International

Added to the Scottish internationals - out of my list of 16 players - 4 didn't play top level international football.

So maybe some are too young to remember the players that you mentioned, but I would hazard a guess that their football knowledge would exceed yours clearly.

And to again further pick holes in your point, those 3 mentioned never played in the same team.

The team that got to the UEFA cup final did so through a skill known as defending. That in itself deserves plaudits, whilst also taking some scalps along the way. Italy won a world cup based on that exact same philosophy - but I assume that they are not a great team either.

03 Oct 2017 17:11:59
Yeah the same as the VOTED worst ever Portugal team and tey won the euros the same way.
Your international players are duds.

Beasley only played for America a hand full of times and it took him to play for rangers to start getting a call up.

Papac same thing. Good for rangers but international wise same situation as Scotland with Hutton. Only player to play the position.

And if you remember all the rangers fans shouting to get hemdani out. He was a plg dud and everybody wanted rid.

Any other dud international player you want to add to that list.

How about we sign Berra then as our answer to defence. As he must be a top player based on your example.

03 Oct 2017 17:23:50
Trusted - well Stevie Thompson and Michael Stewart on sportcene must be liars then.

03 Oct 2017 18:31:43
Not only did that team reach the UEFA cup final, they won the Scottish cup final and league cup final.

Also if it wasn't for fixture congestion at the end of the season we would have won the league.

A team that wins big games. Oh those were the days.

03 Oct 2017 19:14:31
Trueger, you stated beasley only played for usa a handful of times! Well my friend i think you better check that one out again! He played many many times for his country mate!

03 Oct 2017 19:51:13
Trueger. what are you going on about? Basically every single one of your points is utter mince.

Beasley has 126 caps for the U. S. A, if that's a handful then you must have some damn massive hands.
You then claim he only got called up the u. s. a after joining rangers, where as he has been a regular in the national team for 6 years before signing for us.

You then claim that hemdani was a P. L. G dud, even though he was actually signed by Mcleish the summer before P. L. G was appointed manager.

Papac had around 40 caps and would have got s lot more had he not made himself unavailable for selection for many years due to a disagreement with management,

Cousin had over 50 caps. No one has mentioned Thomas Buffel or Steven Naismith, both seasoned internationals.

You absolutely slate this team of intentional yet bizarrely go in to mention Gabriel Ammato as a true rangers legend. And reminisce as if he was a world beater where in actual fact, Ammato was a journeyman who never lasted more than a couple of seasons at any club his whole career, never got so much as a sniff for his national team and scored the colossal total of 9 goals for rangers the season and a half he was at the club. Nacho novo, another player you are happy to slate scored over 5 times that many for rangers.

You then go on to slag the rest of us younger supporters for not remembering what a true rangers legend was. Judging by your ability to get every single fact in your post incorrect and somehow class Gabriel Ammato as a world class rangers legend, I would suggest you are the one having some trouble with your memory.

I have also just noticed that your initial post was about getting behind the team and supporting the players rather than criticising them. Yet in every single post since, you seem to have forgotten this and have criticised every single player to pull on the jersey turn of the millennium.

03 Oct 2017 23:22:49
Spot on dunc, couldn’t have put it better myself! true ger knows hee haw about the gers! worst rangers team in history. laudrup, gazza, and Amato in the same rangers team. Beasley a hand full of caps, the boy knows his stuff.

04 Oct 2017 00:35:32
I read the 1st sentence there and had to bang the disagree button.

{Ed033's Note - At least we now know who's banging the disagree button 😋.

04 Oct 2017 00:36:00
The supporters are turning up in large numbers at the games both home and away. This hysteria regarding Pedro's situation is being generated by the media who are throwing petrol on the flames. The truth is that we are not as close to challenging for honours as we would like to be but changing the manager every year only leads to chaos. Like you say Trueger stay behind the team and things will change.

04 Oct 2017 00:43:26
Beasleys got 100+ caps for America mate and Hutton was argubaly the best RB in Britain at that time so that's why he played for Scotland not because there was nobody else.

04 Oct 2017 00:46:35
No bad for the "worse Rangers team in history"eh Baz

04 Oct 2017 00:48:13
Trueger i think you've been smoking some dodgy stuff or you're just a Walter Mitty.

04 Oct 2017 09:50:47
Lol Ed but come on that was some statement he came away with.

04 Oct 2017 19:42:28
The UEFA cup final team would rip the dhims another hole. And how many of them would you drop in favour of the current Rangers team? I can't name one



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