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02 Oct 2017 14:12:43
Why are so many fans turning on Kenny Miller. we all know he hasn't been great this season but maybe ave has finally caught up with him. but to turn on him and brand him the leak is a disgrace. Kenny has been a superb professional. a model pro if you like. I'm just shocked how quickly so many fans have turned on him without any evidence that he's the person leaking stories to the press. for all we know Kenny said a few home truths at the meeting after the Celtic game and the gaffer didn't like it. I just hope this isn't how his rangers career ends as he doesn't deserve it to end this way. but hopefully the truth comes out and we can get to know what really happened.

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02 Oct 2017 14:24:49
Del - well put.

Simply, Kenny deserves our trust and loyalty - as a player with 7 years service.
It smacks a little of the Barton situation for me in all honesty, and whilst Kenny isn't quite as hot headed as Joe, I think what you said may have hit the nail on the head.

How many players at our club can say they know the level of expectancy and have thrived and achieved under it?
Kenny. that's it.

The rest have played for, with no disrespect to them, mediocre teams or teams where the need to win isn't as great. Kenny knows what being a Rangers player, in a successful team over two previous spells, is all about.

It just dismays me to see how our loyal, awesome fan base turn so quickly on people like Kenny. No evidence whatsoever, and a written statement from Jackson stating categorically that he wasn't the leak. A few months back it was set in stone, its Wallace, he is the leak!

Now because the scenario fits, its Kenny.

02 Oct 2017 16:19:14
Spot on blue blazer. I can't believe how quickly people have turned on him. I know football fans are fickle but this is on another scale. as i said I just hope his gers career doesn't end like this.

02 Oct 2017 21:18:36
Its bloody disgracefull guys, kenny has been a great player for rangers. i'm getting stick for voicing my discontent with the Manager. Like it was put, another scapegoat to avert the attention away from the Manager imo.
Now kenny miller.
It seems to me when things are not going pc's way there is a player dropped, loaned out or just shipped out.
Until we know for sure who is leaking info or what happened between kenny and pc then we should reserve judgement.

02 Oct 2017 23:12:11
Aye and we'll take a written statement from Keek Jackson as gospel!

02 Oct 2017 23:57:56
Yes Kenny deserves loyalty of course he does, he's given plenty to Rangers. Unless he is the leak or questioned the managers thinking, in which case he should be out on his a*se, no question. Oh and O'Halloran, Forrester and McKay, were not punted out to divert attention from the manager. They were sh*te plain and simple.

03 Oct 2017 10:57:19
Onion jack would u rather take a written statement from on here?
Mind people said u would sign van persie speak brazillian spent 10m oh and ofcourse challenge celtic 😂

04 Oct 2017 00:37:48
@rayman - you don't half talk Tom Kite! You're needing to give your arse a rest and use your mouth once in a while. RVP? Wee bit rich considering you lot were creaming your pants at Zlatan coming to the piggery ( the Larson connection 😂)! And it was some of your lot on here ( Pud, Kaney83 ) who thought Mexico was in South America! And yes at the start of every season we have to be optimistic we'll challenge for the title. Otherwise what's the point?



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