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27 Sep 2017 06:21:30
So PC he went mental at dorrans and the rest of the scottish boys for not making them feel welcome, is he an actual looney. Then blowing up at dorrans for giving the vice captain the arm band when he comes in the pitch, that's a sign of respect to king kenny. This guy is poison and its spreading through the team. Get him out.

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27 Sep 2017 08:08:24
Sign of respect to kenny?!? If the manager makes you captain and you hand the armband to anyone else that's a sign of disrespect to the armband to the manager to rangers.

27 Sep 2017 08:24:07
Nah its giving the band to the longest serving player at the club the now to try and turn the game against our biggest enemy.

27 Sep 2017 09:29:36
Fod why do you read the daily record (especially Kieth Jackson) and feel everything is the truth that he has written? So you are trying to get me to believe great legendary managers like Alex Ferguson. Bill Struth. Jock Stein. Walter Smith have never went in and gave the proverbial "hair dryer treatment" after a loss? especially a meekly performance like that on Saturday at our against our most bitter rivals? Can't you see that maybe the manager is hurting too? Or because you have decided that you don't warm to the guy that it's him being a "Looney ". I'll point out a couple of things to you Fod. Far from being a "looney" Pedro speaks fluently several languages, has worked extensively outside his comfort zone of his homeland. worked in cultures far removed from his own whilst doing so in a different language. Only in Scotland would you be called a "looney" and not lauded for such a thing. I speak two languages English and Italian having worked in Italy for three years and trust me the pressures of getting your job done whilst trying to conduct it in a completely different tongue is intense. And I never done it to 50,000 people every week. Honestly Fod of you have any crumb of love for our club then you'd swerve the rags like daily record

27 Sep 2017 09:30:29
Spot on fod need shot of him pronto he's a clown.
We are going to be the laughing stock of scottish football in the bottom half of the table

27 Sep 2017 09:38:35
Taxi for Pedro.

Really the longer he continues on as boss the weaker we will become. The plot has been lost.

27 Sep 2017 10:24:10
Pedro is blaming the players for not geling well for me the blame lies it his door not the players he brought these players in to the club from abroad when there was better alternatives

27 Sep 2017 10:24:42
To those who are lambasting Pedro, would you rather have the Bread Man back? Nottingham Forest are sitting 16th in the Championship with 12 points from 10 games, that's 6 defeats and only 4 wins. This is virtually a brand-new team Pedro has put together with still a tight budget compared to the past. At least give him until the end of this year before we judge him. The point about Dorrans has already been made - he was poor on Saturday. Ryan Jack looks like the best of the new signings so far so I hope Pedro builds the new team around him and gives McCrorie, Barjonas and Hardie a chance.

27 Sep 2017 11:04:25
If the rumours are true then I can see only one outcome and that's the manager eventually leaving, fans are already starting to doubt Pedro and will side with the players who at times look as if they don't know what tactics they are following. Pedro stumbled across 4-4-2 in Sheffield Wed friendly but every week our midfield gets outnumbered by opponents playing 3 in centre of park yet he never changes to counter this. His jacket is on a shaky nail with many fans and I believe nothing less than 2nd and reaching final of league cup by turn of year will see him gone.

27 Sep 2017 11:18:43
Why do people read papers that supposedly we boycott, read what we want oh must be an agenda,
Idea why don't we not believe everything we read and even if anything happened i haven't read it so don't know apart from what fans are saying, we got pumped at the weekend is it so bad we had a bust up, or should we having champagne and days off, honestly not sure what to make of some of things people say anymore

27 Sep 2017 11:48:46
Tiger shaw I read it online I never buy a paper no chesticles in them now. Everything you described who cared just means he talks guff in many languages. You only do it in 2.

27 Sep 2017 13:01:55
For those of you that can't read between the biased headline grabbing nonsense:

(BTW I'm not a huge fan of Pedro)
Pedro was angry at a few things.
1) home grown players not making the foreign contingent welcome - Quite right! This would help people settle quicker and build team spirit. 2 things that are imperative for a whole new team of players. We should all want them to do this.
2) No-one jump to defend Morelos. Again, you all moan about no fight or spirit but when Caixinha shouts at them for not showing it he gets slated?
3) Dorrans giving up armband. Damn straight. Having that armband is an honour and unless otherwise ordered he should have fought to keep it.

To me this is all about Caixinha being angry at the lack of fight on Saturday. The same complaint from the fans. I hope they listened carefully and we should be applauding Pedro for this at least!

27 Sep 2017 14:05:59
Let's face it Pedro is now a dead man walking. Anybody that believes he'll lead us on long term and win titles in Scotland really should take the blue specs off and throw them away.

He continually spouts nonsense, one minute he's telling us what a great squad he has, the best in the league the next he's ranting about the Scottish players not welcoming in the foreigners. Oh and he gets angry if anybody suggests the best squad in the league should be making a title challenge.

He makes a big show of letting the press know he's warned Moreolos not to lose the head in the Old Firm game then it's him that completely loses the plot.

I don't care how many languages he speaks, facts are facts, the man is a dud.

27 Sep 2017 15:19:52
The league table at the minute doesn't show a true reflection. Celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs have still to play each other.

Lets forget who the manager is and get behind the team for the next 3 games in the league. Pedro will be in charge until the semi final. Win those against Hamilton, st Johnstone and killie and we should be there or there abouts in 2nd and hopefully a cup final to look forward to.

28 Sep 2017 02:23:57
I did think Dorrans giving Kenny the armband was pointless when he came on. we're getting beat 1-0 off our rivals, who cares whos got the armband just focus on trying to get something from the game

28 Sep 2017 02:27:15
Says the ever reliable source The Daily Record

Which would never, ever exaggerated and blow things out of proportion to sell papers.

Every post Fod makes is negative, so for him to speak about Pedro spreading like "poison" is laughable

28 Sep 2017 02:24:57
Alan Pardew with Stuart McCall as his assistant and Souness as DOF?

Moult, Sol Bamba, A decent RB and big strong AM who can play a bit, all in January - then we might get somewhere? - one can only dream!



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