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21 Sep 2017 03:03:06
@Kri55 Warburton's team lost many games last year, the fans remained resolute and didn't walk away so the way I see it we have nothing to lose.

Give me an up and coming youth player over the likes of Pena, Windass and Herrera any day of the week. You can add Wallace into that group as well. Yes he's been a loyal servant but he's spent and way past his best. Candeias has heart and tries his best every time. He has pace but that's all he's got to offer. He tracks back to cover Tavernier as he moves forward to try to beat the opposition's full back and get a cross in. Maybe it's me but is that not Candeias' job? It's a sad state of affairs when a full back has more of a chance to beat a man than the winger in front of him.

Most of the above mentioned can't pass the ball properly either and struggle with the pace of the Scottish game in general.

Every one of those youth players are bursting to get their chance. They've been raised by the club. They know what it means to be a Rangers player. They know the traditions and expectations.

Ross McCorrie was a prime example of that when he came on against Partick Thistle. He organised the back 4 and played without fear. His post match interview said it all. It's worth watching if you haven't seen it already.

I'm not saying we would be the next Manchester United and go and win the Champions League but we would build a team who already know each other having coming up through the ranks and there's no reason why they wouldn't go on to win domestic trophies.

In my opinion a pretty substantial section of the fans still think we could go on lengthy Champions League in the not too distant future which is just pie in the sky. They hang on to the glory days of signing superstars such as Laudrup and Gascoigne. Those days are gone and the sooner the fans realise that the better.

In reality we can't finish above Aberdeen in the league never mind do damage in Europe. Our return to European football this season also highlighted where we are right now - with 3rd rate foreigners!

I would have had every confidence of fielding 7-8 youth team players over 2 legs against a part time team who finished 4th in the Luxembourg league last season.

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21 Sep 2017 07:30:33
Blackandredsocks you totally sound like a Celtic fan with that statement a big waffle of total mince yeah let's play a bunch if kids after buying players that ain't as bad as u and some make out they are clicking it takes time and considering that were 3rd and in the first semi we ain't doing to bad a good result Saturday and the rest will be forgotten would kids have did that we will never know kids should have been played few years back to get us thru the leagues we missed a trick get over it support the team or don't bother but your drivel is not worth the time posting or even reading

21 Sep 2017 08:09:06
, sorry black n red what complete bollocks mate. Your blind if you can't see we have good players. Calves doesn't get 90 odd caps and still continue to be called uo cause he's mince. Pena is still a bit off the pace but any real football person can see he has glimpses n will come. good. cordozo is decent and will only get better. Jury still out on herrera and candias puts crosses into the box for fun. Him and tav link well down the right. Sorry mate but your on the funny fags. i'm all for bringing through youth which PC has been doing but if they ain't good enough, then tough some will, be good enough and some won't.

21 Sep 2017 10:35:53
God I'm glad I don't live in Blackandresocks world. I tend to agree with Highlager on this, no way is that a Rangers fans post. think he's from another team. we have a better team now than last year. yes we need two or three more added to the squad, but that'll take time and more importantly money which is just not there.

if you look at our team, it's been built on a very small budget that Pedro spent. what, maybe seven or eight mill net after selling players. Celtic have players worth twice or three time our whole team, so forget about the league, it was never going to happen. too soon, we need to finish second. it will be hard as Aberdeen are right with us.

we are not the old Rangers full of multi million pound players, those days are gone. the only way we can move forward is patience. we need to build again in Jan transfer window; a left winger, a striker. look at the defence, we need to get a share issue, raise some money to invest in the team.

Ashley being out of the picture allows that. The kit deal will start to put money into the budget for next season, we are moving forward. I know for some (the glory hunters) it has to be instant success, but at this point Celtic are way ahead. they had years of champions league money, they have a settled team who have played together for a few years now. one or two in during a transfer window, but the heart of the team has remained, that is what we need to get to.

I don't expect much out of the game on Sat. I'm a realist, I'd like to see a good display, fight for everything, but I've supported this team for close to forty years. I seen us through the good times, I've suffered through the bad times and there have been much worse teams than now, but I remain behind the team and manager. be patient it's slowly getting better.

21 Sep 2017 11:35:05
Well said thinkaboutit. I too am a long standing Gers fan (52 years I think) . You are right, years of accumulating CL money has given them an advantage. If we can get back to win the SPL title within the next couple of years and back into Europe again (hopefully depriving them of any real European money) then we can begin to build solid finances again. I couldn't care less about all this 10-in-a-row nonsense. What would that prove? In the absence of Rangers in the top flight, it just shows how poor Aberdeen, Hearts, et al are that they couldn't mount a challenge. Once Celtic meet real opposition (e. g. PSG, Barca) then they get stuffed. As I've said before, big fish, small pond.

21 Sep 2017 11:57:31
The youth players need bedding in to the team, and how can you say that tav shouldn't be bombing forward taking on players down the wing?! That's the modern day full back, they attack and defend. I think, signing wise candeias has been one of the better players that we have got in, his crosses are a vast improvement to what we had last year. He uses his pace to try beat players also.

Pena's scored 2 goals, and hasn't really had a full 90 minute game yet, herrera also 2 goals and is showing glimpses he'll be useful to hold up play. And windass is improved already from last season. We have to give these guys time, mexican football is completely different to scottish football.

21 Sep 2017 14:20:05
7 or 8 youth players. can you name these players? . or as expected are you giving them a game simply because they play for Rangers youths? Have we legalised glue sniffing?!

21 Sep 2017 16:35:14
Black Andres socks

We should have tried that years ago when we were banished to the 3rd division

Unfortunately Ally was from an era where an old pro was better than a promising youngster, even if he was played out of position.

Mistakes were made but now things have moved on and we need to be competitive in the top league and the fans need to see progress year on year.



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