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16 Sep 2017 20:04:33
Hate posting after a poor result because like everyone else it leads to knee jerk and over reaction but now it's been 24 hrs, a fair amount of time has come and went that everyone can comment on the result without emotion playing too big a part.

It's not the end of the world, nor Is it ideal given the fact we've drawn with a managerless Hearts 0-0 at Ibrox and got beaten at Ibrox by a referee and a team promoted from Scotland's second tier.

The only result that's really shocked me was the 0-0 with Hearts.

Folk were going into last night's game against Thistle, certain we were picking up three points.

Optimism is great within reason. But when your case for optimism is based on beating a pretty poor Dundee side 4-1 at home and a pretty poor Ross County team 3-1 away from home, your kind of setting up for a fall, when hickups like last night happen.

It's a new team gelling. Like every team in Scotland outwith those from the east end. That produces unexpected results whether it's Rangers, Aberdeen or anyone.

Ultimately the group and PC need time and overreacting game to game helps no one apart from our enemies.

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16 Sep 2017 20:30:08
Very good and measured post thorn. I expected us to be kicking on yesterday considering we seemed to be gelling. I'm unsure now as to whether that was a blip or if that's as good as it gets. We got bullied and good teams don't get bullied. Time will tell

16 Sep 2017 20:56:00
I expect us to win every game mate (and yes even those at Celtic park) .

I'm 25, so I'm old enough that I can remember the dominance we had under Sir Walter Smith in his second spell at the club.

But expectations have to be diluted slightly given its almost an entire new first team from back to front.

I expected us to kick on considering it was a relatively early goal we scored. At that point you saw no other winner, but as always the team slack off and let teams get a foot hold back in the game.

We have to defeat Thistle on Tuesday to take something positive into the old firm. Hopefully a few changes in personnel will give the team a spark and prove it was just a glitch.

16 Sep 2017 21:04:45
Thorn everything you said I believe to be true! The days have gone of fortress Ibrox as most teams see us as a big scalp now and raise their game immensely as when the play the unwashed they think they're beat before they play and it's damage limitation! We need to bring back the days of when we play teams they fear us but as we're the " new guys " to the division we have to deal with it accordingly! Now before anyone jumps on the bandwagon and says we were playing away from home I'm saying it metaphorically about the fear factor!

16 Sep 2017 22:08:53
Still feel we're a match for anyone at Ibrox Blackwood.

Couldn't agree more about teams feeling they're already beat before they even kick off against those from the east end. Not only that but the fans of those teams are resigned to it as well, (apart from St Johnstone and Tommy Wright who cope quite well against them on occasion) .

Think the fear factor is a big issue also. The press treat our club and our manager like a laughing stock and that ain't going to change anytime soon.

As appraised to that lot, they get thrashed in Europe at their midden, taught a football lesson and don't get a look in. The next day one of the worst performers in said game gets linked with a big money move to the premier league with Everton, (Ralston) .

It's a shambles.

16 Sep 2017 22:52:08
Most/ all teams think they have a real chance of getting something from us and therefore give it that little bit extra, of that I think we can all agree. We need to get a run of some significance going, one that teams start to think (as they do against Celtic) no point, we're beat. It's that psychological factor we need to get back, teams are beating themselves before a ball is kicked.
I really want PC and the team to do well but I'm just not sure what calibre of player we have. Would any of the present team get into a good Eck side or a WS side (second stint) . I'm starting to doubt it

17 Sep 2017 00:00:33
Start of the season before kick off, Dorrans, Alves, Cardoso, Pena and maybe Herrera were being talked about as being a real massive step up on what we've had and could all ease this league.

Now that there's been some games to judge, Jack, Morelos, Candeias, and perhaps Dorrans, Alves and Cardoso although those three have been a little less consistent.

Overall we've gotten more than we expected from a couple and less than we expected from a couple. Seems that's the way it always pans out.

17 Sep 2017 00:10:55
A good Eck side? Really! Did he inherit a good team that Motherwell won the league for or did he build something new and positive? Sorry but Big Eck for me wasnt good enough. i'm not saying PC is either. For me what is missing is true passion. i'm sure Pedro is really nice but a manager who instills fire and fear into his players is what's needed. pains me to say it but McInnes

17 Sep 2017 03:43:58
Well you can look at it like, everyone raises their game against yous, and that explains the results, or you can look at it like, you are truly at the level of Partick Thistle, and a poor Hearts team (who I expect will win easily, next time), and less than where Hibs are at, and the only real marker that might open your eyes will happen, next weekend.

17 Sep 2017 07:55:52
Commonsense, if pedro caixinha was to be changed as rangers manager and i say IF, as i'm prepared to judge him and the team, at the end of the season, then imho i'd have billy davies as our manager, long before derek mcinnes! Davies is streets ahead of mcinnes as a manager mate! No contest there as far as i'm concerned! We talk about passion, well wee davies has it in abundance, not to mention tremendous managerial and coaching abilities! His record down south in the english championship with numerous clubs, is quite superb!

17 Sep 2017 08:42:33
Didn't think it would be long until the phrase the team is still gelling was trotted out. This is exactly the same rubbish that was spouted this time last season under Warburton. He failed and so will the current manager. Despite the money spent we are very average and not much bette than the Partick Thistles and Motherwells of the league. Manager will either be gone by Xmas or end of season. Agree with supercooper Billy Davies would be a good shout for manager

17 Sep 2017 08:59:11
Commonsense, I was using a good Eck side as a comparison, not saying he built a good side, the guy was average at best imo

17 Sep 2017 13:15:31
billy davies is not the answer. toxic, delusional little man. there's a reason he has been on the dole Q for this long. he is the last thing the club needs!

17 Sep 2017 13:50:01
Sure big 'arry and Frank are out of jobs, we could just go and get them two and fire another 10m their way for a new team. Of course we would have to pay off the current regime and keep paying all their players but that wouldn't matter because we've got loadsamoney

17 Sep 2017 13:50:13
Fair one Cletus. there's a very good reason that Davies can't get a job. no even the Hearts one and yet supercooperleven you reckon he is a better choice than McInbes? Not a chance. Guys toxic

17 Sep 2017 15:19:29
Its guys like you commonsense that billy davies reckons is bad mouthing him and spouting lies, which davies says he's close to proving! Let me get something straight here guys! Derek mcinnes is a good manager but imo not in the same class as billy davies! Check both their managerial records out for yourselves! If we forget all this lies regarding davies off the park and judge him and mcinnes purely on coaching ability, then its a no contest my friends! Like i said billy davies is a far better manager/ coach than derek mcinnes will ever be! Simple as that guys! Judge it for what it is!

17 Sep 2017 15:37:07
davies has a 40 odd percent win record. mcinnes at the sheep is over 50 percent and so is our very own pedro at the clubs he has been at! so i'm inclined to disagree mate, before you take into account all the crackpot conspiracy theories davies spouts. some of it makes very shady reading and is borderline breakdown material. never has been and never will be good enough for our club, in terms of ability or reputation

17 Sep 2017 16:25:13
Billy davies? Supercoop yesterday you wanted jason holt in the team now you want billy davies as manager if pedro goes. Are you at it or do you just spout nonsense as a hobby?

17 Sep 2017 17:19:25

Difficult to compare managerial win rates for McInnes and Davies. Davies managed in much tougher leagues than McInnes

17 Sep 2017 18:02:07
Honestly guys don't take this the wrong way but how clueless regarding football, can some folk be! Snell, coldo, commonsense and whoever else let me explain just like sparky1320 has also stated! Billy davies successful in england with preston, derby county, notts forest (especially 1st spell) and motherwell in scotland! Always made the championship play offs with all his clubs, took derby county up to the premiership, holds the record for having won, the most manager of the months awards! Hows that regarding davies? Derek mcinnes done a good job at St. johnstone, was a complete FAILURE at bristol City and has done a good jobit over 4 years as the manager of aberdeen, remembering rangers were out the big league for 4 years! Digest it for what it is my friends and surely to god, you must see there's no contest here between davies and mcinnes! Its billy davies by a mile and its there for all to see! COLDO, regarding your statement i want our manager pedro caixinha to be given every chance and time to hopefully succeed! I stated IF he didn't i'd have billy davies! As regards to jason holt again i stated i personally feel in the upcoming old firm game, he'd be a better bet and more reliable than josh (20 minutes) windass, who has no heart and not much workrate to be honest! We can't have any passengers, against them on saturday! Hope you can digest and grasp what i'm saying coldo! Just take a breath and think, when you read my post here!

17 Sep 2017 18:12:54
better standard of football sure, but in terms of club size against the teams they play against i wouldn't say it was that big a difference if that makes sense? was just interesting to look at the actual facts and stats of it all. never mind taking into account davies being a lunatic! haha

17 Sep 2017 20:38:55
Just a hobby then supercoop, have a day off mate.

17 Sep 2017 20:41:23
dont think its people being clueless about football mate, its all just a matter of opinion. just like myself and a few others find it preposterous that out of anyone who would be given the reigns at our club, you choose an unemployed crack job, out of work for five years that every other club he has worked with ended up regretting! i wouldn't give the guy a job flogging the half time pies!

17 Sep 2017 21:15:05
Out of work for 5 years you say snell? So as well as not knowing much about football, you also can't count! Not got that much going for you mate! I'm sure you're good at something! I hazard a guess, maybe netball mate!



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