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26 Jul 2017 20:33:25
Will all the naysayers please stand up. Saturday we drew with a team that have millions at their disposal and today we beat a premier league team, again who have millions to spend. Time we get off pedro and the rest of the teams case and start getting behind our team.

They'll be some bumps n slips along the way but we have to remain positive. Two or three more signings and we'll have a complete team.

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26 Jul 2017 21:01:47
Totally agree another step in the right direction many people had rangers done and dusted after the European defeat hope now they might give the team a chance

26 Jul 2017 21:16:15
Well said

26 Jul 2017 21:50:57
Things moving in the right direction, long may it continue plus from what l read the great unwashed were lucky not to get pumped by 3 or 4 tonight

26 Jul 2017 21:55:39
Totally agree. Good to see waghorn score. The guy has taken some stick, yes has missed some good chances but not on purpose, always puts in maximum effort which is all you can ask a player to do. let's hope he can get some form. 442 looks good and will make us harder to beat.

On another note seen somewhere today that there is some sort of crowd funding underway to fund an independent review on Rangers ebts and title strippng etc. I get very angry when I read this. I wonder to myself if this was to happen what the consequences would be. IMO the end of Scottish football. Rangers would boycott all away games and eventually would leave the SPL in revenge, probably forcing Celtic to do the same, the rest if the diddies would then die. Fantasy I know.

On a brighter note Rosenborg got a good result tonight against the skid marks. Seems the lack of paramilitary banners and free Buckfast had an impact on their performance.

26 Jul 2017 21:55:51
Positive comments 👏. That is a great result for the lads and against a premiership team.

Time is all that is needed, Pedro will hopefully crack the tactics and the lads can kick on after games like that. 👍

26 Jul 2017 22:08:57
Totally agree well said lads. If Pedro can get waghorn scoring and we are playing as a team then he's doing something right 🇬🇧

26 Jul 2017 22:58:38
Friendlies mean nothing. I'll be happy when we start winning our competitive games.

27 Jul 2017 00:19:37
Sgp84. I agree 100% with you. My point tho is aimed at all the pessimistic fans who were calling for pedro to be fired after a couple of poor friendly results.

Ok Europe was pretty bad but it may now be a blessing in disguise. I maybe wrong but after we got dumped out by kuanas didn't we go on to win the league n cup double? Not saying that will happen again but it means we can concentrate on domestic football.

27 Jul 2017 06:15:19
James2016, it wasn't " a couple of poor friendly results " it was the worst results in our history and he is now moving away from 4-3-3 which any one that was watching us for the last few years could tell was not working for us, if we carry on improving as we are the NOBODY will be on ANYBODIES back .

27 Jul 2017 14:25:25
The naysayers have all disappeared because they can't complain. Wait till we lose a couple of games and they'll all be back

27 Jul 2017 14:26:28
Does look good, but is friendlies mind but confidence is growing

27 Jul 2017 14:26:53
It was pre season friendlies

27 Jul 2017 14:30:59
The naysayers have gone into hiding. As fans I would expect them to come out and at least comment on the recent positives but no, they've all gone quiet.

What kind of fan sits silently on the sidelines until they find something to complain about.

The team appear to be making real progress after a tricky start. everyone who calls themselves a fan should get behind the board, the manager and every player now.

27 Jul 2017 14:32:15
Set up 442 again I believe! That's the way to go I think

27 Jul 2017 14:34:49
It's an improvement for sure but the proof of the pudding will come against Motherwell.

27 Jul 2017 14:35:30
That's right jyf, friendly results, while very encouraging given most of our results you mentioned, are never a true gauge. Pedro and his squad have a long way to go to prove they are anything like the real deal. That said I'm a lot happier since the Euro exit as we seem to be getting it together.

The Motherwell game is the first marker. We'll see if they can step up with a good performance and 3 points. On another note by all accounts a flat night at the piggery with hardly a shot at goal and very lucky not to concede at least a couple of goals. All in all yesterday was a good day for us.

And as for the so called privately funded enquiry into the ebt years - the decision has been made. In any case Gers were not breaking any legal laws at the time. Avoidance and evasion are 2 completely different terms. If the haters want to throw away money that's fantastic!

We should boycott every away ground on too of that and really hit them where it hurts. Losing your main source of income is never a good thing lol



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