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25 Jul 2017 22:40:06
Forget Stevie Naismith, his best years are behind him
The type of credentials that he brings to the game where he hunts every ball and closes opponents down, he no longer can do over 90mins The fact that he will take at LEAST 15k per week let's forget it! I would like to see both, Jane Walker and Ryan Turncliffe at the club If not, Jamie Walker please and that will be finished business! We should go out and pay £800,000 for him and if rejected then forget it He will come for free, hopefully

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26 Jul 2017 01:43:20
Kenny millers 37 and chases every ball. Naismith is signing according to my contact it's a done deal

26 Jul 2017 07:33:44
Ryan Tunncliffe. Where would he play when we already have an abundance of centre mids?

26 Jul 2017 07:39:18
Don't understand why people talk absolute garbage lol you even seen Naismith play recently? Obviously not with that comment. He's coming back get over it.

26 Jul 2017 08:45:50
He really isn't the same player as he was at Rangers and Everton I don't think he is coming Much will Norwich want for him and then what wages will. he be on?

26 Jul 2017 09:23:16
He's scored in every pre season game he's played lol butt he's no a player anymore.

26 Jul 2017 10:55:58
We will see what players turn up for the struggle on a winter's night in Dingwall, or at a rain soaked Caledonian stadium.
If Naismith is part of the team, It's guaranteed he'll be jostling, and fighting for every ball. the same for Jack and Dorrans alongside potential signings McLean and Walker.
I can't see the glove and scarf brigade winning us games in these situations. We must win all these games this season. No ifs or buts.

{Ed039's Note - Inverness play at the Caledonian stadium and they got relegated)

27 Jul 2017 00:20:40
NOT A CHANCE. Are they Tarts going to hand back £800k, imo I do not think we should offer more than £600k! But if they do call our bluff then fine, we would like Walker now but will wait until end of Window!

As Budge CANNOT pass up hundreds of thousands. As far as I'm aware Hearts haven't actually sold and made much profit from Transfers of late (Including Patterson) AND their New Stand coming in over Budget! So due to that and the funds required to bring in Lafferty, that is EXACTLY WHY! They are holding out for as much as possible. Budge knows just how big a difference there is for them between getting £500k and pushing us to £8-850k even £600k which is basically guaranteed.

This will go to last day with Hearts having 2-3 players waiting in the wings to sign up but need to wait until the Walker deal is finalised. They are playing with fire as if it does go t! t$ up with timing they will not only be out of pocket and no new signing but also have one unhappy Player for at least 6 months.

And think we play Hearts in our 2nd or 3rd game at Ibrox.
Im actually starting to feel for Walker as fair enough a Club can ask for X amount but due to the amount of time he has lleft on his Contract and his age basically rendering the compensation figure for Hearts at NOTHING! then the Club should NEGOTIATE! And not say Yeah £1m nothing less. I would say anything over £600k is a fair price.

27 Jul 2017 00:21:31
Hearts just holding out for as much as they can get Kaz. Walker is a good Player and if he had 2-3yrs on his Contract to go then yeah 1m would be a fair price BUT with that and being 24 making the Club exempt from any compensation for development which would have prob been around 400k.

Anyways Hearts will wait 3-4 wks if it means getting a bid of 850k instead of 800k! ! THEY DO NEED THE CASH!

27 Jul 2017 00:30:07
Look Bears this is just my opinion but I just wanted to say that YES Walker should come! We're crying out for a decent Winger and the lad ticks ALL the boxes!
If we have funds available that we can stull bring in McLean AND Naismith then those funds should be used in a much better way!

How much do we think it would cost to bring in McLean and Naismith?
Want opinions! So Fees, 1m each? Or more!
Wages 15k-Naismith 10k-McLean!

If we have over 2m to spend and can afford 25k a week then we must bring in a Player ONE Player of substance and not TWO Who we really do not need as our Central Mid is good AND we have Forwards who haven't even been given a chance!

And I'm not saying Naismith is past it BUT his best is behind him but yeah he'll grab goals. But if we do have the Funds then try and bring an creative Player to the Club. Someone whos ability demands 25-30k a week instead of squad Players that we already have.

27 Jul 2017 00:31:29
boy should be a first pick for out national team every time and is miles better than what we have here at the moment so i don't understand all these people with their grudges he said some stupid stuff he retracted and went to tripple his money in the best league in the world rather than quarter his wage and play in the duldrums of scottish football yeah that's a disgrace lmfao.

what would u have done i woulda been off in a heart beat no questions asked i love my team deeply but if i trained all my life to be a pro footballer why then given that choice would i stay in the devision 3 of scottish football when i could be in the best league in the world

27 Jul 2017 00:38:53
Naismith wpuld play a similar role to miller but he's a far better footballer, just don't think well be able to get him, playing well pre season for norwich.

26 Jul 2017 14:56:46
Apologies Ed. you get the point though. No Gifting vital points to bottom end teams. Lack of urgency last season was draining! And it was down to players who were not willing to fight, but happy to spin the "we must try better next week" spiel.



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