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10 Jan 2017 21:35:59
Thought of the day.

Would it have been a bad thing if Ashley had taken control of Rangers.

Hes got deeper pockets then DK.

Ashley would have put money where is mouth is i think.

Don't shoot me guys i'm just thinking out loud.

if DK doesn't have the money or wish to put more in then i say go.
i still think he's trying to recoup his £20m he lost.

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10 Jan 2017 21:43:18
Ashley has received stick for years at at Newcastle for not forking out the money he has &C as for DK he won't spend big until fat mike is out the picture cause it's too big a leap of faith, once he's gone I think we will see money finally being put in

10 Jan 2017 21:45:27
DK is probably £30-35m in total down on his Rangers dealings over the years as we stand today. There is currently no realistic opportunity to recover what he has spent. Please tell me how we will make any money from a club with no revenue stream and no one to buy his shares. The share price has been 27p for the last 18 months

10 Jan 2017 21:43:13
How is he going to recoup his 20 million we are skint. Ask newcastle has ashley put his money were is mouth is. Only this season has he spent money. Are ask the poor people who work for sports direct if ashleys is a good boss

10 Jan 2017 23:14:28
Recoup it from where exactly Punter? Apart from season ticket sales there is no access to a major revenue stream. No European football means very little sponsorship money, no larger tv or prize money and we have no merchandising money to speak of. let's say Wallace and Garner are on 10K a week (just for talking sake) those 2 players are costing over 1 million accross 52 week contract. Now add up the rest of the first team, development squad, youth teams, coaches, physios, kit men, groundsmen, scouts, dinnerladies, security, travel costs, players accomodation etc. Not to mention running costs of Ibrox and Murray Park and Matchday expenses. So yes I don't like where we are financially compared to Celtic at the min but it grates on me when people say King etc haven't spent any money in the club. There's more to investing in the club and getting it back on its feet than transfer fees.

11 Jan 2017 01:33:12
Parky. add up what king "ect" has put in. "Ect" more than king you'll find. The question was about king v ashley though. King aquired rangers and also crippled the club by his actions.

I'd actually like anyone to pick apart every piece of account data that is actually available. Add soft loans, season tickets and the wee cut of any merch, fan donations etc. Line that up against posted losses and the difference may be your figure. I might be wrong but has DK ever said exactly what he personally has spent since taking over till now? He hasn't in my mind but I may of missed it. There are hoards of fans screaming for his head for not spending a penny and to my eyes he hasn't and hasn't replied or publicly defended himself with a counter quote or any real sum of money.

Do some extensive reading on how he aquired rangers. How he encouraged starvation of ticket sales and encouraged the company to be delisted, sorry for a nomad to be brought in. His failed alleged search for a nomad was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. For a guy that is an international business man you and many others have been sold down the river by him doing "ooh a didnae know that wiz gonnae happen" routine.
Wake up

11 Jan 2017 01:47:08
30-35m over the years down? He was ment to of been a 20m investor back in the day. Do you honestly think he made nothing? I'd say he made a stack through loophole accountancy. Or when things started to go wrong murray kept quiet and threw him under a 20m pound bus? Take your pick.

11 Jan 2017 06:20:36
I'm not 100% about this but I don't remember Ashley ever being interested in actually owning Rangers.

11 Jan 2017 06:55:10
Parky, the last two agm's he's tried to bring in new share issues but failed, that could be a way of getting some of the £20m back.

For a chairman that's absent 90% of the time he's failed to live up in my book.
He just told us what we all wanted to hear when he was taking over.
Smokin mirrors.

As for Ashley we will never know what could have been. Ashley aligned himself with some dead beats that was his mistake ie green etc

11 Jan 2017 08:06:53

I like you have no conclusive proof for my opinions, but have read extensively on al aspects of Rangers ownership since Craig Whyte set the pressed the button for destruction.

I do honestly think that DK has made nothing from Rangers to recover his original investment and his more recent investments.

As you put it I think he was thrown under the £20m bus. As I have noted on this pages a number of times where is the evidence of his mechanism for return on investment through accountancy loophole or otherwise

The same cannot be said about CG or MA who have creamed of between them millions from a Rangers over the last 4 years. There is definite proof of that

11 Jan 2017 08:09:29
Ashley doesn't invest in teams, he loans them money. or that is what I'm lead to believe. he hasn' actually invested money into Newcastle, instead he loans it and gets it back, eventually. I'm sure newcastle are in 100m+ debt to him.

11 Jan 2017 08:12:55
Ask a Newcastle fan - remember they are/ were milking the fans.

Otherwise who are you Punter? Ashley or his agent?

11 Jan 2017 08:18:52
Are you Derek lambias? Mike Ashley is scum, lowest of the low. Even if he didn't have money he would still be a class a ****. Do we really want a man like that? Remember how he screwed us with the 5 loans?

11 Jan 2017 08:28:44

I agree completely All of the clubs in England are in huge debt but are slowly clawing it back through the sky deal. Celtic are the only exception as through good management, timing and a slice of luck are probably one of the only clubs who are essentially debt free.

11 Jan 2017 08:33:42
Ashley is a clever businessman who sails close to the wind on most of his deals. Just look at the shoddy way he treats his employees at Sports Direct. He saw an opportunity when the 'alleged' crooks were running the show at Rangers and he took it. The contracts put in place before he lost control look dubious at best but by the looks of things it will take most of the six years remaining on the notice period before he is sorted out in Court.

There are other questions to be asked, in particular regarding his 'dual control' over Newcastle and Rangers. I have to ask the question, why has the English FA not taken action or is it simply that they are hoping Newcastle return immediately to the EPL and their problem goes away.

None of this as pact of the current shambles has anything to do with King albeit that I do not believe a word of what he says in terms of transfer funding.

We are where we are and the most frustrating thing for me remains, that the man that initially conned the support has pretty much walked away without any action taken against him. David Murray, in cahoots with Bank of Scotland, knew exactly what was being done when the Club was handed over to Craig Whyte who just happened to be another client of the Bank. Even a half intelligent Risk Manager would have seen that Whyte did not have the wherewithal to acquire Rangers never mind a captain of Industry and the expert Bankers within the BoS. For me it was all a scam from day one! Of course the Establishment in Scotland will neatly brush any wrong doings under the carpet just as they have done in the past with other football scandals!

11 Jan 2017 08:56:14
If Ashley was interested in making Rangers a force again why did he and his mates on the board at the time agree to the kit deal if the success of the club was important to him would it not have been better to have a contract which at least put some money back into it instead of taking every penny he could get how can King get his money back since we were relegated to the bottom tier of the league we have lost money year on year so instead of taking any money out he is part of a board that are putting money in just to keep the lights on no individual or group will invest in us with the fat man strangling the life out of the club this will continue for the six years that are remaining on these fat man contracts so it pains me to admit it but I can't see how we can stop Celtic getting to ten in a row or even eleven twelve or more we just have not got the money to compete unless we are hugely lucky in transfers or we can pick up top class young players and turn them into top class players we have full houses every home game our only source of income and that is not enough to break even we are paying a fortune to fight in the courts to try and turn these Ashley contracts into a deal that at least gives the club some money I was at shareholders meeting and they tried to get a share issue passed where they didn't have to offer shares to all existing shareholders so if it had been passed Ashley and that pair from Greenock who backed the old board and Ashley would have not been offered shares the diluting their grip on the club but that didn't get enough votes so we are stuck in this mess at least till next years AGM then I hope it gets passed

11 Jan 2017 09:42:43

Didn't get enough votes due to a so called club legend not bothering to vote

11 Jan 2017 09:53:15
that's not even a debate!
king has done nothing but try to get us out of a crippling contract with Ashley and Ashley is bleeding us dry .

one trying to save us and one trying to end us hmmmmm I wonder which one i'd rather have in charge!


11 Jan 2017 09:56:21
Yes that was a strange decision only he can explain that it's two years in a row the motion has been defeated last time by less that 1% but it pains me that some fans still see Ashley as a possible saviour when he is up there with the people who have taken the lions share out of our club at the old firm game as we come in from opposite end I had to pass the Sports Direct shop (£1 a year rent yes he has our interests at heart) and still fans were in it buying kit why don't they just pop £50 in an envelope and send it to The Fat Man care of Newcastle FC that's who gets the profit from the sale not us

11 Jan 2017 13:16:19
Perhaps McCoist is still on Ashley's payroll! You never know, Ally seems to like money more than anything except the women!

11 Jan 2017 15:26:52
Ranger and cee.

im just a concerned Rangers fan nothing more. plus i like to think-out loud lol

11 Jan 2017 18:54:41
Punter if you believe that King could take 20 million out if a share issue then you are clueless. Also, the board have successfully passed resolutions at the last 2 AGMs for a share issue. What they have failed twice at however, is a resolution to have a share issue offered first of all exclusively to new investors. Thus trying to exclude the likes of Ashley and Easdale and so dilute their shareholdings in the company and so their influence when it comes to voting rights.
We know exactly what Ashely would be like as an owner. Look at Newcastle Utd. No investment, but loans that he is owed back to the tune of close to 130m. St. JAMES Park is festooned with Sports Direct advertising that he doesn't pay the going rate for. Look at how he treats his workers at his companies. Rangers is more than Football Players. There are people there on normal wages with everyday mortgages and bills to pay. Do you think they would like this man as their boss? Henis a business man who is out for himself. He is not an idiot so your comment of 'he aligned himself with dead beats' is a rediculous one. He knows exactly what he is doing every step of the way with his dealings with our club and none of it has Rangers best interests at heart.

11 Jan 2017 19:40:51
Ok rglen8. In May '15 King through his Company New Oasis Asset Ltd loaned the club £1.5m. In December '15 a further £3m loan facilty was made available to the club by New Oasis of which £2.2 was drawn down. The remaining £0.8 credit remained available to the club. that's an interest free loan of £4.5m that King has made available to the club.
Also on March '15 Douglas Park, John Bennet and Paul Murray made a loan totalling £0.75m between them available. In December '15 they made a further loan of £1.7m between them available to the club. that's £2.45m between the 3 of them.
Also in March '15 George Letham, George Taylor, Andrew Ross, Barry Scott and Scott Murdoch made a loan totalling £1.5m between them available.
In December '15 the same 5 men made a loan totalling £2.375 between them available to the club. that's £3.875m between 5 men.
So 8 men have loaned the club a total of £6.325m between them. King has loaned the club £4.5m himself. So you are right, the 8 'etc' have loaned slightly more than the single King.

11 Jan 2017 22:21:38
Parky no need to get personnel ie clueless comment. i never said i was in the know . just thinking out loud maybe this maybe that.

You seem to be very pro King!

Perhaps if he talked to the fans more then he would get more support.
DK can't tell us everything, but least engage with us.
Ie tell us how it is with regards to the current transfer window tell us the cold hard truth.

11 Jan 2017 23:08:15
Punter what I meant was that it was a clueless comment to suggest that our Chairman would take money out of any share issue for his own pocket. I am pro King and Murray and the rest in respect of the people who were in control of our club before. People who did take money out the club by various different methods. I acknowledge that King has made some dubious comments, like front load investing, mentioning £30m and his childrens inheritance. However he and the other investors/ directors have made millions available to the club to try and get us back on an even keel. It annoys me when people only equate transfer kitty as investment in the club (i'm not saying you are one of those people) and say that King etc have not spent any money. Well they have. He may not be the long term answer for our club but he is better than what we have had in the recent past. Sorry for any offence.

11 Jan 2017 22:02:05
Ashley in charge with lambias and the sleezdales, give me strength. Where were you two years ago punter? When I read your post I thought surely that's a wind up and you must be a celtic fan doing a bit of fishing. Anyway that's my bite😩

12 Jan 2017 08:31:48
Onlyshowaround you've hit the nail in the head mate! that's exactly what mike ashley does! I've got a good few pals who are newcastle to the core and they tell me exactly the same as you put it! Maybe with the exception of this season with rafa as manager now! My geordie pals despise him just like we despise him! Newcastle as i've stated on here many times, are my favourite english club and he will never put me off liking newcastle utd or the geordie fans! In saying i only have and ever will support ONE football club, THE FAMOUS GLASGOW RANGERS! My focus will always be on them and hope we/ dave king can find a way of getting rid of mike ashley for good! Then get back to selling and making millions from our kit sales, with the money going directly into the club!



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