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10 Jan 2017 08:21:59
We need a new board, top to bottom. Then we need to replace the management team, the recruitment and create a scouting network.

That's what was needed 2 years ago!

Looks familiar too me! That's STILL what we need. We have moved a very small distance in 2 years. Had we not moved up a league the actual distance we have covered would be almost impossible to notice.

It's January and we're in the arse end of the market. It's nothing other than pathetic. We have NO determination to change it. No desire to turn it all around and fast. The only passion comes from the fans. Not the team, not the management not the invisible board. The board is scared stiff of taking risks, petrified of taking bigger risks and them not paying off. Well that's not how football works. the only result we will get with our current approach is medriocrity. So if you want caution and time then for me failure is inevitable. Barring some kind of miracle that doesn't involve the changes I've mentioned, Celtic will smash well beyond 10 in a row.

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10 Jan 2017 08:51:27
I believe sir Walter of the smiths has issued a statement saying something similar, and that is a man i do respect, someone who should not be ignored.

On the other hand, i do hope they ignore his advise, it will be great news from us manky soapless mob across the city. History in the making.

10 in a row.

Plus more.

Hail. H

10 Jan 2017 08:55:39
I would suggest that you are being a bit unfair on the Three Bears and the Far East guys that have already ploughed money into the club although I cannot disagree with you on King who so far has been nothing more than talk and bluster.

In terms of appointing a new management team, unfortunately the Club got that badly wrong when Smith retired and the hapless McCoist and his pointless Assistant were given the top jobs at the club on the footballing side. You might argue that what then ensued would have happened anyway but with a league winning team, (and McCoist surrendered a sixteen point lead that first season), and a run in Europe, who knows what would have happened!

Warburton is well respected by managers like Wenger and that is why we are seeing quality recruits in on loan. We would, I am sure, also see quality recruits on permanent contracts if the money was there to allow us to compete in the transfer market, (as Celtic do), and to go after Bosmans on pre-contract Agreements.

We need investment and as has been said before, if King is not prepared to invest in the team, as he has said many time before, then he should look to sell to an Investor that is prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

10 Jan 2017 09:00:57
Its how business works GDog! you're entitled to your opinion but I for one are glad they aren't taking risks especially the bigger risks that you speak of! Yes we are in the 'arse end' of the market but there are loads of good players available there with the added bonus that they are FREE so that's how business works buy low sell high! That is the way ahead for our club and it may take time but the fans muat stick with it as without us fans the board and playing staff have no chance

10 Jan 2017 09:04:17
tad doom and gloom mate. Things aren't all that bad.

10 Jan 2017 09:26:06
I don't agree with spending a fortune in the transfer market until we are able to generate more money. That would either come from retail or sky high season tickets and I bet that wouldn't go down well with everyone wanting to invest millions on players.

King as much as he is a majority shareholder in his own right has little share power on his own and could easily be muscled out of the boardroom and have no say.

I think this is why the article he has been trying to pass at the agms are important to him as he and friendly investors can solidify their position on the board.

If he puts millions in again he could be out on his backside if there is a change in politics again.

Im just saying its a possibility

10 Jan 2017 10:25:32
G, dog that's pure bull, it's not the board that's holding rangers back, it's Ashley and co, fact.
I can't believe you can't see that, we can't progress with him there constantly messing with us, that's why their hasn't been major investment, with him constantly taking money from the club, I would hate to think we're we would be right now if this board never got control from them. listen the days of rangers taking major risks cash wise are over, just back the club, because we are moving in the right way, this board has already put at least 20m into the club, what did the last board do, apart from take money out the club, and btw they are still taking money out the club, just accept the fact were skint at the minute and support them, the quicker we get rid of Ashley and co the better, hopefully we will get a result at court soon as the case is being heard in march i think.

10 Jan 2017 10:43:44
'The board are scared stiff of taking risks' oh dear is all I can say.

10 Jan 2017 11:05:10
Every Celtic fans just uses the same dried up stinking patter. It was miko and the Jedi for a while then dimalloy now this imposter.

10 Jan 2017 12:57:55
g'dog u are entitled to your opinion my friend but its not an educated one!

I along with many other rangers fans know that the reason he won't invest is the fat rat Ashley if we get him out of the way then we will do much much better plus then at least I could go out with a rangers top on and buy my boy the strips

10 Jan 2017 16:05:02
James, you are saying that you know the reason he won't invest. Is this factual because you are a personal friend and he has assured you that he will invest serious money in the Club or are you simply surmising this based on his previous comments. After all he is a good Orator as of course was David Murray and look at what happened there!

I personally am being cautious, I am not a great fan of King because I believe that he is all talk and bluster. Until such times as I see serious personal investment from him personally I will continue to be of that view although I suspect that when the time arrives he might well sell out to recoup some of his lost £20m!

10 Jan 2017 16:20:12
Boys the Ashly saga is not enough to be holding us back to the point at which we are. As for taking risks I am not talking about putting the club at another tipping point. What I am saying is that all we will get in return with this current approach is mediocrity. In turn Celtic will hit well beyond 10 in a row.

@Delboy if you think by removing Ashly everything will be rosey then it's your own bull you need to deal with. Because what we are getting right now from King n Co. is an excuse!

@Cee I am no imposter mate I've been on here for a good few years, I've read the bull from the lads you mention. To be fair you're guilty of talking out your arse more than once, so pot kettle my son, pot kettle.

10 Jan 2017 20:17:08
Cee calling Gdog a tim eh, he's well known as a rangers man Cee. I know it's hard to hear the truth but you must start living in the real world. Just because you don't like what the truth is doesn't mean you should be immediately defensive and attack everyone. Yer in the duck, accept it and do something about it rather than ranting with defiant pish. As you say "fact" 😊

11 Jan 2017 09:33:48
I agree with your post TOMUSA! Dave king has now got to be transparent with our more than loyal supporters, afterall this is what he promised when he swept to power almost 2 years ago, this march! We IMO don't need to change the manager, we need king to back the management team a helluva lot more than he's done, thus far! Again he promised as much when he first came in! Dave king still has a helluva lot to convince me, a season ticket holder and shareholder of close to 43 years now! I also hear a lot of our supporters saying the same thing! His job like sir walter smith said today, is to find investment, that's what a chairman and ceo does, especially at a club our size with the massive expectations that goes with it! Apart from this season,2nd place is failure, simple as that! Our manager is managing a great footballing institution, with almost 2 hands tied behind his back! If dave king can't do this job to where we need to be, then certainly my message to him would be, move on and let someone else do the job that you said you would do! Times running out here, our club has to act, and act quickly or celtic will be over the horizon, by a lot more years than even after them achieving the dreaded 10 in a row! Dave king has to speculate to accumulate, NOW!



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