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03 Jan 2017 22:37:58
Surely it is time to be realistic about where we are as a club.
There are many optimistic posts that see DK as a Messiah. They are trying to justify all his comments and actions. Fine, but I would ask one question and that is, what are his plans for the immediate need for input of cash, to see the season out? Not to buy players but just to meet our fixture commitments.

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03 Jan 2017 22:59:05
it will be more soft loans from the rangers men on the board
David king promised transparency to the fans but has clearly not been very transparent so far maybe if he would come out with a clear direction of what we are going get to do to raise funds for transfers ect and stuck to it and carried it out then we mine start believing in him again so far there is no clear direction or plan in place and for me the money we do have Warburton is not the man to spend it i think king wanted the fans to pay there way once again with a share issue but that never got voted threw so has left us in limbo again.

03 Jan 2017 23:13:08
Dave King is skint and apparently the board members are not keen to give any more soft loans as they cannot be transferred into shares. King is getting desperate and apparently approached Brian Kennedy for investment which he turned down. Not sure where the money is going to come from to see out the season.

04 Jan 2017 00:19:54
Gor i take it you have a seat on the board to know all this at the shareholders meeting the board including King said more money would be put in for Jan transfer window and to keep club going through the season Craigs you are half right they do want a share issue but didn't want to have to offer certain shareholders more shares which would have weakened those shareholders stranglehold on our club I don't have to name them surely but they can have a share issue anytime but all shareholders would need to be offered shares I have shares and sat through the meeting without this board our club would be in some state we are living off soft loans as we run at a loss until all the rubbish going on behind the scenes is sorted we will struggle there isn't going to be some sugar daddy waiting in the wings over £20 mill has been punted in already by this board we just need to accept where we are and get on with it.

04 Jan 2017 09:22:56
Think about it, we have never sought a "sugar daddy", as we continually prove that we are prepared to back our club.
Money was lost by many due to the liquidation of the company "owned" by whyte. Money was lost by many in the Green term. Shares lost value due to DK's orchestrated season ticket ban. So it is pretty clear that investors will be wary of parting with their cash, and that includes many of our fans.
There has been absolutely no plan tabled to take us forward and that is why I see us as rudderless. What we have is a club that is a poor investment, at present, and unless some action is taken by the board the outcome is very rocky.

04 Jan 2017 10:34:51
Billy b you say we are continually prepared to back our club I take it you mean the supporters well we have nearly full house every home game but the club still runs at a loss we have no credit stream we have no income from kit sales ETC we are fighting through the courts to try and change that it's millions in court costs you say King's orchestrated season ticket ban it was one of the min reasons the old board was ousted they had no money are you saying we should have bought season tickets and kept the old board they are the reason we are in this state they divided our club up between them look at the contracts that were handed out to their pals we are still paying the price so all in all the fans do pay their way every home game but it's not enough to keep the lights on so we depend on the board who have put in just over £20mill and more will be needed but until we get these horrendous contracts sorted out and we have an income from kit sales a bank credit stream I'm afraid this board is all we have without them we are in trouble.

04 Jan 2017 11:07:03
Disagree billyb, it was clear at Nov AGM that we wanted fresh share issue, did not want the charlatans involved, and the motion did not receive sufficient support (thanks to Ally McCoist I recall) . Additional soft loans will be provided as required, and hopefully the shareholders will do the right thing at this years AGM to facilitate a share issue. Too many legal issues currently pending for anything dramatic capital structure wise to happen in the short term. Think DK made this clear. Certainly don't believe we are rudderless. Despite the SJ and Celtic results we are also competitive and on course to qualify for Europe.

04 Jan 2017 11:09:53
Billy B I sense your continued frustration and lack of faith in DK but have to question your continuous criticsm of him.

You say that we don't seek a Sugar Daddy but many continually criticise DK for not investing money (apparent £30m) . Evidence suggests that all clubs need a benefactor (if only initially as with Celtic) to get a club stable until a self sufficient business model can be established. I reckon that DK is currently down £30-35m on his dealings with Rangers over the years with no realistic current opportunity for recovery of his investments. The fans now expect him to invest a further £30m without security or the guarantee of exchange for equity in a situation which is constrained by legal process and the SD stranglehold on our commercial viability

I would also suggest that the share price depression is more to do with the previous management of the club (Green and Sommers) and the fact that the club cannot realistically grow with any pace until the SD handcuffs are removed.

You say that no plan has been tabled to improve the clubs situation when the truth as I see it is that the last 2 AGM's have tabled the option to free up investment opportunity to people genuinely interested in improving Rangers but this has not been supported which has stagnated the club for 18 months. He has been fairly transparent with this plan.

You refer to action being taken by the board. What action other than the legal process that they are currently having to follow would you have the board take. Clearly I support the current board but would be open minded enough to consider evidence if you have it that DK and the 3 bears have an agenda which is anything other than for the staged return of Rangers to success.

I would agree that it is not ideal to have a benefactor figure in control of our club but the current realistic options are the fans invest directly in large numbers through increased season ticket or other vehicle as we have no access to the lucrative sky payments as in the EPL. As a a season ticket holder I would pay double the season ticket price every 2 years to finance the fans expectations but comment on this forum continually show that fans would not support this type of option

This currently leaves us with no option but to support the snail like progress being offered by DK and the 3 bears.

04 Jan 2017 11:57:01
Has anyone explained why garner was at a NHS hospital, has the players not been insured?

04 Jan 2017 12:27:17
He was at an NHS hospital because of the type of injury. Waste of time going to rosshall as they would have sent him their anyway.

04 Jan 2017 12:34:18
Are you suggesting something wrong with NHS? Last time I checked the best consultants including those working privately were based at NHS hispitals.

04 Jan 2017 12:56:33
You telling me you want your top signing sitting in a NHS waiting room, and you are kidding yourself on that a private hospital can't deal with that injury. I'm pointing out that your club is in that much trouble they can't pay for private medical care for their prized assets. I'm also not slagging the NHS it's a great service.

04 Jan 2017 13:01:41
MOLS well said obviously a better educated man or lady than me you put it into words far better than I could thanks.

04 Jan 2017 13:14:15
For all those that disagree with my thoughts, time will tell, but I totally agree with Gor's summary. We have little cash, it looks like there will be no more soft loans. Certain individuals, when approached, are refusing to assist.
Just remember, it was DK that made various, ridiculous statements about funding, starting with the family pension fund. Anyone with any savvy knows that no trustee would invest any money from a pension fund, unless it guaranteed a return.
I note reference to the three bears, above, and my only comment on them is that they, more than anyone, have taken the reponsibility of short term funding. Nothing but respect for these gentlemen.

04 Jan 2017 14:07:23
Billy B all due to respect yours and Gor's opinion on the suspension of soft loans as the ongoing finance option which DK has publicly confirmed will be the main source of finance in the future but where is your proof that they are going to be withdrawn.

If proven to be true then the board and DK in particular really does have a credibility problem

Can you provide the evidence to those of us who are less well informed.

04 Jan 2017 14:42:54
Time will show it to be true, MOLS.

04 Jan 2017 15:38:13
let's see billyb, certainly there are issues to be worked through and that is currently taking place as directed by the board. I can assure you I for one don't see DK as the messiah. I do believe however that he and this board have the club's best interest at heart. Now more than ever this is a time to stand behind and support all aspects of the club on and off the park.

04 Jan 2017 16:09:05
Fd well said and could not agree more. We will have as many downs as we do ups along the way and the return to strength of Rangers will not be quick.

04 Jan 2017 18:54:08
I hope you prove me wrong, lads, so I will shut up for a while.

04 Jan 2017 21:51:46
Those that back DK - are ignoring reality and fitting excuses to fuel the delusion. Simple as.

DK has done as much to harm the club as help it.

Picking a fight with Ashley before he even took charge has done unprecedented damage to the club both on and off the park and has guaranteed the club is an unattractive investment to anyone who isn't a diehard fan.

If he had only kept quiet and tried to make a deal before declaring war.

04 Jan 2017 23:38:29
As Billy b suggests only time will tell if the boards previous and current actions will prove to be the correct ones. I don't see that DK could have gone any other way than he has as many attempts were made by DK to make alliances with MA and sports direct during the change of regime which MA deliberately trashed

It is entirely possible that I am choosing to see this a particular way but based upon what I have read over the years I choose to back DK until there is irrefutable proof that DK and the board have mislead the support.



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