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03 Jan 2017 17:19:59
Why is king getting slated so much on here he's running the club best way he can trying to build a good squad invest in youth and steady the clubs off field issues aswel all this takes time he's cleaning up years of mess from previous boards as fans we all say spend this and that but as a business man he's running it properly we are rebuilding a team from scratch look at allys first season and the players we had left i for one am happy from where we were in 2012 to now.

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03 Jan 2017 17:51:25
Best post on hear for a while, well said sir.

03 Jan 2017 17:54:12
He made certain claims about bankrolling us to challenge celtic and he hasn't fulfilled those promises in fact he denied saying it even though it was on tv interview. I accept the club's in a better position now but he shouldn't make bold claims about 30 million and ripping up ashleys contract. I still support king and the board but cut out the bold claims.

03 Jan 2017 18:33:02
My problem with King is not so much with what he's doing or has done but with what he said he would do and has not done. I'd have had no problem if he'd said we don't have loads of money but what we have we will manage prudently so it will probably take quite a few years to catch the other lot but that's not what he said, at least initially, is it? He raised expectations in the fans which were unrealistic and maybe for good reasons, who knows, but shows little sign that he will ever fulfill them. Consequently it is hard to believe what he says. As they say actions speak louder than words.

03 Jan 2017 18:56:47
I also believe that king thought he'd be able to get out off the sports direct deal. The loss of income from merchandising has greatly affected our ability to compete in the transfer market. That's why we have to shop about in the bargain basement. Until we can find a fresh income stream this is it. Any fan that thinks we should wildly be throwing money about is sadly out of their tiny little mind.

03 Jan 2017 19:18:42
A know he said he would spend 30 million but it could be it was more of a finiancial mess than he expected when he got control and had a good look at the books we had to invest in a lot more than just players we needed a scouting system even staff for the training ground and stadium was required don't think some fans realise how much of a mess the club was in prob a lot of spending behind the scenes we don't notice or know about to me a lot of panick has appeared because of saturdays result.

03 Jan 2017 19:23:37
those bold comments he made were to sell season tickets simple as that, dave king made us all believe we would challenge celtic, now if Aberdeen win they're game in hand there second, think we will struggle to get second spot.

03 Jan 2017 19:39:16
Charles Green said he would only leave when he heard the champions league music being played, Craig Whyte well let's be honest the guy is a fantasist. David Murray said he would only sell the club to someone that could take us forward (Craig Whyte)

Dave KIng picked up a football club on life support, the football ground had been neglected, anything that could be sold had been sold even the few Arsenal shares that were gifted to the football club, contracts were signed which harmed any prospect of a recovery. That is what Dave king is working with a basket case, the thing that he needs is time he cannot sort out all our ills in 12 months. don't be disheartened by all the talk about Celtic and how far ahead they are especially by Sutton and Hartson, Rodgers will move back to the premiership at the first opportunity players will leave, they will sign others that will flop. Football good times can quickly turn ugly and vice versa. It;s a tough gig at the moment but we must keep the faith.

03 Jan 2017 20:01:08
King made a rod for his own back with the statements he made during his battle to gain control of the club. Whether this was just his style or whether it was to get the fans onside is open to debate but making rash statements about tearing up Sports Direct Contracts and investing £30m., (then denying the latter despite it being stated on Television) .

With the team now well behind Celtic and not looking close to competing for the league for the foreseeable future the fans rightly expect to see quality new recruits but unfortunately many of us would find it difficult to believe any PR coming out of the club where King is concerned.

We might not have been any better off player wise had Souness and Kennedy gained control but at least we would not have been led down the garden path with unfulfilled promises! I also have to believe that Kennedy would have been more diplomatic in his dealings with Sports Direct that might actually have led to a better deal. As it is, King and Ashley appear to now be in a personal vendetta where the team and consequently the support are the ones losing out!

03 Jan 2017 20:30:53
Scott, King promised investment and to date, the club is surviving on soft loans from people who will, at some point, want their money back. King has invested?
Its alright stating that he is trying to run the club in a true businesslike manner and that is great but before he was given power he made a lot of promises about how much he had sitting waiting and none of that has appeared.
Massive investment is required in every part of the club from players to stadium upgrade.

03 Jan 2017 21:20:29
when King said £30 mil needed to be spent did he mean on the team alone? I am a shareholder and this came up at the shareholders meeting at this point the board has put in just over £20 mill with more about to be spent this month our club runs at a loss the board and I include King in that keep us afloat we have no income from kit sales (though I still saw fans in the shop at old firm game mind blowing) behind the scenes the club is a mess and it is costing millions to try and sort it out the old board divided our club amongst their mates Ashley's contract are a disgrace so when the £30 mill was mentioned it wasn't just on players but once they got in looked at the mess I think they should have said £60 mill to catch Celtic so we are where we are until the off field situation changes we will struggle financially but for me the right men are in the boardroom Rome wasn't built in a day.

04 jan 2017 11:05:10
thinkaboutit, i'm also a shareholder as well as a season ticket holder of around 42 years now. what's your understanding of what is going to happen regarding dk and his continual fight against sports direct and puma, in this dragging down kit deal? i've been told and i honestly can't say by whom, that dk and our board of directors are exploring the possibility of making our own kit short term, until our kit deal runs out with puma next season (2017/ 2018).

its safe to say one way or another that puma won't be manufacturing our kit after this season! was told also that under armour will become our new kit manufacturers once the club has cleared the way as to the legalities with puma. we will also have a new shirt sponsor after this season as our 3 year deal with 32red is up at the end of the season. i've heard our new shirt sponsor will be red bull.

have you heard anything like this thinkaboutit? look forward to hearing what you've heard or know regarding this mate! this can't go on and has to come to a head before this season finishes!



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