21 Jun 2017 18:27:38
Just realised, it's only old kit for Europe and there will be a new home kit for domestic season. So there is going to be a kit launch- it will most certainly be Puma and 32 red.

This is because we had to submit a kit to play in Europe. And no new kit has been made or the deal was not in place.

So I'm going to hold my horses slightly so I can buy the newest most relevant kit.

Great week so far but it's only Wednesday the Mexicans tomorrow!

Hopefully Dorrans by the end of the week that would be the cherry 🍒 on top.

Listening to the press conference it sounds like ped got the money if he needs it.

1.) 21 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017 19:04:51
Stuart Robertson said in press conference it will be last years kit for next season as there are lots of unsold strips .

2.) 21 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017 20:18:39
Yeah just realised that, And then bought 3 home tops lol .
Still only £20 each, by now before they go up. Still £20 each.

{Ed039's Note - on one hand it's yaas Rangers get our money for shirts, on the other it's get in there quick so don't have to spend too much 😂

3.) 21 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017 21:01:43
Same home kit new 2nd and 3rd kit

4.) 21 Jun 2017
21 Jun 2017 21:59:53
I wasn't trying to sound like a cheap skate, I mean it was 3 I bought with letters and numbers, and there a year old lol so it was over £100, nah but seriously good news today.

Now we have bigger transfer budget supposedly?
Bet Norwich will now double there price again after hearing that 😂